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The revolution in Rojava, from women’s liberation to anti-capitalist stance, is under threat from super-powers and reactionary state forces who would prefer the region become a pawn for their interests. One of the most important kinds of solidarity we can provide is bringing its practices to our home towns. As those of us in the heart of this empire start convening neighborhood councils and organizing self-defense and co-operatives, we are building the foundations for a new kind of society driven by the well-being of its members. As this society grows, so does its capacity to provide solidarity, in addition to shifting the balance of power away from those who seek to undermine the revolution.

Additionally, many groups based in Rojava have reached out to us, from women’s organizations to youth groups, with an interest in building strong connections with similar groups here in the US. We welcome this opportunity to connect people across the world on the basis of liberatory principles, and seek to help establish sister groups in the US to promote the pillars of feminism, and ecology.



Our work includes:

-Speaking tours

-Educational events

-Forming neighborhood advocacy groups: tenant’s unions, youth groups

-Solidarity demonstrations

-Exchange programs

-Donating trauma kits

-Book drive for The Mesopotamian Academy


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