Start a Rojava Solidarity Group

Rojava Solidarity groups are local committees and organizations that provide information and humanitarian aid to the people of Rojava (find out more about Rojava here). In this way, ordinary people in the US can connect with the revolution in Rojava, joining with the amazing men and women in Northern Syria fighting against ISIS for a new democratic, pluralistic, feminist and ecological future for not only the region but the world.

Plant where you are and share the seeds with the world. This is how you change the world.

– Graffiti in Cizre, Rojava

What do Rojava Solidarity Committees do?

Rojava Solidarity Committees follow the Rojavan model of local communes. Each committee is fully independent, premised on the idea that locals know what works best on their unique campus/community. The common activities of Rojava Solidarity Committees is holding regular meetings where members can educate themselves and each other about Rojava, Democratic Confederalism and the current situation in Northern Syria and the region. Outside of meetings, committees can facilitate peer education, write articles, hold demonstrations, sponsor social and educational events, join one of the RSN aid campaigns, screen documentaries about Rojava and the region, and connect to other similar struggles.

The Local Commune is the prime force of change. This was true, this is true and will always be true.

– Abdullah Öcalan

How Do I Start a Solidarity Committee (First Steps)?

Find a few like-minded peers interested in Rojava. Hold a meeting and plan an open event: a film screening, a talk, a teach-in or start an open study group to find more people who may share your interest in supporting the revolution in Rojava. Use our provided tool box for resources for your committee activities and join the Rojava Solidarity contacts page. You can also join another committee’s campaign, or start your own. If you start a committee, please contact us so that we can provide you with the best help and advice as well as add you to our contacts page.

Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.

Margaret Mead

Tools for Local Committees

The following is a compilation of material that may be useful whether you are just getting your local committee off the ground or are looking for new ideas to compliment your own. Feel free to take and use at will:

  • Documentaries for public screenings and discussions.
  • Rojava zine for introducing people to the revolution and its connections to anarchism (can also be downloaded in standard format).
  • Resistance Is Life sticker and poster DIY files.
  • Postcard front and back that offers a quick primer on Rojava and is easy to hand out during demonstrations and similar events.

More coming soon!