The Importance of Solidarity

Revolutionary solidarity: Rojava and the international struggle

The success of the revolution in Rojava and its political practices have presented international revolutionaries with a unique situation, one many of us didn’t know we could hope for in our lifetimes. This opportunity has not only revitalized those fighting oppression around the world, but also raised the important question: how do revolutionaries in their own cities relate with it. We at Rojava Solidarity NYC, would like to offer a proposal [Read more]

Sibling Family Project

The American Kurdish Association (AKA), a Kurdish support group based in New Jersey, has started a project in conjunction with The Rojava Charity and Solidarity Association and Heyva Sor called the Sibling Family Project, which aims to pair up sponsoring families in Europe and America with Kurdish Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) and refugees. Since their official launch in April 2016, the project has paired up 3,550 Kurdish families with global sponsors. Currently, families are receiving aid in the following war-torn areas: Farqin, Nusaybin, Varto, Cizre, Sur, Silopi, Sirnak, and Gever.

To learn more about the project, take a look at the official description from AKA in both English and Kurdish here. You can also read more on Heyva Sor’s official website or check out AKA’s Facebook page to connect with the organization.

Ways to Donate

Donate Books for the Mesopotamia Academy in Rojava and the People’s Library in Kobane

At the beginning of 2015, the Mesopotamia Academy — the first university in Northern Syria — asked the international community for radical books for their library. We started a national book drive that involved infoshops, radical publishers, authors, academics, and individuals, collecting over 800 pounds of books and sending them to the Academy. In addition, we’ve collected about a 45 pounds of graphic novels for the People’s Library in Kobane, after the books in the old Kobane library were burned by ISIS. Though our book drive has ended people can still send books to:

İstanbul Kürt Enstitüsü
Cibali Mahallesi,
Atatürk Bulvarı, Ünlü İş Merkezi, A Blok, Kat: 3,
Unkapanı, Fatih, İstanbul 34470

We are waiting for a new address for the Kobane People’s Library (they are asking for children’s books, graphic novels, and reference books like dictionaries).

Donate Documentary Equipment

We are now collecting used video cameras, digital cameras, digital tape recorders, smart phones, and other similar devices that can be used by the people of Rojava to record the revolution themselves. Equipment can be sent to The Base:

Rojava Solidarity NYC
c/o The Base
1302 Myrtle Ave
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Purchase A Small Key Can Open a Large Door

A Small Key Can Open a Large Door is the first English language book about the Rojava revolution and a good introduction to the context of the ideas and events happening in Northern Syria. The book is a fundraiser and all profits go to Rojava Solidarity NYC.

Other Ways To Help

Volunteer Translations

There is a lot of material coming out of Rojava, but most of it is in Turkish, Arabic, Kurdish, and some German. We are looking for people that can translate from English to the above languages and those can translate to English from those languages. If you or a friend are interested, please contact us!

Get The Word Out

You do not need to be an expert on the Middle East to do a talk about Rojava at your infoshop, school, reading group, community group, or wherever. To help you we have included a presentation you can use or modify to help do a presentation. If you don’t feel comfortable doing a presentation, show one of the amazing documentaries about Rojava.

Anarchist Paul Z. Simons, also known as El Errante, visited Rojava.  In the following interview, Paul tells stories of his trip, relays discussions he had with people in Rojava in the YPG, YPJ, taxi drivers, translators, and more.  Paul also tells us how he got into the country, how others can, and why he feels that what is going there is important to anarchists all around the world.

You can spread the word about Paul Simons’ trip to Rojava using this recording:

Tech Support

If you or your friends have technology skills (web design, server space, communication skills, solar power expertise, etc.) there are people and groups in Rojava and solidarity groups in this country that can benefit. To get connected, feel free to contact us!